Friday, November 11, 2005

Sony's rootkit DRM.

There's a ton of coverage of Sony's ill-considered DRM software (here, here, here and here, just to get you started). I have nothing to add to the debate, but I'll concur with a popular view: Trying to use technology to solve a legal problem is just as dumb as trying to use the legal system to solve a technical problem.

Need proof? Here's an interesting piece by Declan McCullagh, in which he points out that (a) it was probably illegal for Sony to install the software on users' computers, and (b) it's probably illegal for users to uninstall the software once it's there.

Sometimes the absurdity just reaches right out and whacks you.

[UPDATE on 12 Nov 2005: Microsoft's anti-malware team announces that it will remove Sony's rootkit from infected computers. It would be interesting to sit in on some meetings in Japan this coming week.]


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