Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Links for 20 June 2006.

A mish-mash of this and that, just in time for the summer solstice:


Blogger Tommy said...

(Sorry to put this in a comment - I just couldn't find your email address anywhere!)


Please read this email if you are interested in helping the Free Software Magazine project.

Free Software Magazine is the only magazine entirely dedicated to Free and Open Source software as a whole. The project has been wildly successful: we have more than 20000 subscribers (and gain about 100 new ones every day), our stories are periodically "dugg", and our blogs are read by a very wide audience.
We are also about to start printing again, and are most likely to start selling print subscriptions again soon.

We have a business plan ready, and are seeking Venture Capitalist funding. We believe we have a strong case for funding, but as you know there are many variables involved.

This email is an appeal to important Free and Open Source companies to help Free Software Magazine stay healthy and allow us to continue releasing many more fantastic issues into the future. What we need right now is a consistent source of income. The money we make at the moment is not enough, and the project is taking a big toll on the project coordinators (Dave Guard, myself, and Gianluca Pignalberi).

So, this appeal is very simple:

Your company will:

* Pay the Free Software Project $250/month

We will:

* Publish your banner in a premium spot in our web site. We will move free banners down. The banner will be visible when the page is loaded, and will receive about 900,000 *real* *human* page views.

* Publish two half-page ads in each issue of Free Software Magazine (half-page ads are much more effective in the PDF version of the magazine). Please keep in mind that the magazines will also be printed.

$250 is a very good price for the banner alone, considering the number of impressions we receive.

We need at least 6 companies to say "yes" for this process to be successful. I am sure $250 is a small amount of money for you, but will allow us to continue with this fantastic project for many years to come, and spread the word about Free Software.

Thank you either way!


Tony Mobily
Editor In Chief

1:02 PM  

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