Thursday, December 01, 2005

Links for 2 Dec 2005

  • Golden rules from people who learned them the old-fashioned way. My favorite is Penn's: Don't make deals with paper. Make deals with people.
  • Deep cluelessness, phone home.
  • A bot that digests Slashdot, Digg and Now I just need a bot that reads the digest...
  • This one's for math geeks: The number spiral turns up some surprising patterns.
  • And as long as we're talking to math geeks: Primes!
  • The PBS series Science Now has published past episodes online. They're available for download. This is a really outstanding science series.
  • Lots of chatter about Wikipedia lately. None of it matters much; the site's tremendously useful, and it's good to find ways to use it better.
  • Remember this post? Perhaps I need to become prime minister of Japan.


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