Thursday, December 21, 2006

Five things.

Dave Rosenberg over at Open Resource tagged me in the "Five Things" game that's taking the blogosphere by storm. Under the rules, I have to tell you five things you didn't know about me, and then I have to trickle down the trouble on five other people.

The last time I played in a pyramid scheme, I lost fifty guilders. (You didn't know that about me, but it doesn't count).

My five things:

  • The third time that I jumped out of an airplane, my chute fouled. I had to cut it away and deploy my reserve chute. I remember falling face-up, sixteen feet per second squared for eternity, watching the beautiful white reserve chute unfurl against the cobalt.
  • I plan to write a novel. I have the subject and plot. I need to retire from technology for two years, somehow, to do it. The plan is long-term.
  • I am crazy in love with Shell Knob, Missouri.
  • I have a minor in Dutch Studies from UC Berkeley. UC Berkeley is one of only a few schools in the nation with a Dutch Studies program. Ik ben ook wel gek op Amsterdam, maar het is heel anders dan Shell Knob.
  • I have a hard time remembering which is my left hand and which is my right.

I tag Fabrizio Capobianco, Kevin Walsh, Marten Mickos and Peter Fenton. Four equals five for low values of five.


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